Walk with me

Walk with me © 2022 Bo Norlund & Peter Noblin

“Death’s poem

Don’t talk, I don’t listen
Don’t cry, I don’t care
No religion, no faith
Your Gods are not here
This is beyond your imagination
Time and space bends
It’s a presence of absence
The end of all ends
There’s no meaning, no purpose
No effect from a cause
There’s no final destination
No exceptions, no pause 
I’ve been given so many names
Described in many shapes
But I’m a presence not a person
No wings, and no cape
The transcendence into vacuity
Where nothingness is stored
Where darkness has no meaning
That’s where I am lord

* * * * * * * *

There is no tragic transit
I don’t feel those tears of yours
Gone are the mourners
Sliding doors, sliding doors
Walk with me
It makes no difference which door you choose
Walk with me
I am the uttermost end