Alright by me

Alright by me © 2020 Bo Norlund, Peter Noblin

Alright by me

Tommy loves his dresses, his high heels and CC cream
The way he wears his make up. He’s livin’, livin’, livin. Living a dream
We have our conversations;
I really like the way he talks
The way he moves his body,
and his hands when he walks

And it’s alright. It’s alright by me. Alright

Nina and Lucy, they have their place just one floor down
They really, really like each other
I can tell that by the sounds
They hold hands and they kiss
while crossing every street
They couldn’t care less about the talk in town
or the dislike in faces they meet

It’s alright, alright by me.
It’s alright, alright by me.

Margret just turned eighty, but her soul is young and proud
All those colours
She’s got the ability to be happy and loud
always stays late at parties
dances with her arms high up with grace
She calls out to the DJ: “Please play the Ace of Spades”

And it’s alright, alright by me.
And it’s alright, alright by me.