I don’t mind

I don’t mind © 2022 Bo Norlund, Peter Noblin

I don’t mind

My brain is on fire
The system is dead
I’m overwhelmed by desire
All I see is fucking red
I can get up in the morning
I can make a count to two
but I can’t get my thoughts
to think ‘bout anything but you

Connectors in my brain going
Boom Boom Boom Boom
They’re supposed to route and filter
They are there to do their thing
I don’t function as a human
I can’t function as a man
All those tiny, little things you’re suppose to do
I’m just put out of order, don’t know what to do

But there are days, there are days
Yes, there are times the ghosts bring solitude
But the voices in my head, so loud, so loud
Rearrange; make it strange
so strange so strange

See the smile that I wear
note the stars in my gaze
grinding halts in the game
from both pleasure and pain
I know how to breath,
I can take sips from water
But there’s nothing anyone can do
about the oncoming slaughter

Voices in my head going
No No No No
But every bone in my body’s saying
there’s no way out of this
I can’t handle this complexity
I can’t do this thing alone
I think I need someone. I need a hand to hold
To get up on the horse, take the bull by the horns

I walk the line, walk the line
Contemplating, visualizing how my life might be
I promised myself to look for signs, look for signs
There is a change, a change, It’s strange

But I don’t mind
They can scream, they can shout
they can change my whole life
You are the ghost in my mind
You are the dream in my eyes
and I don’t care what they do