Story: Fading memories

Fading memories

My father died of cancer in 1992. He was 57 years old. I still remember many of the things he and I did together. I can still remember, and even think I can smell my dad’s scents sometimes. I can still tell stories about him for my children, about our travels, our conversations, and our pranks. Those were the days.

But Dad’s face, the way his voice sounded and his movements… those obvious and defining things in his person, they are not as strong now. Those special moments, when it was just him and I; they are slowly disappearing from me. I don’t see them as clearly anymore. Some of my memories of him, I think, have completely disappeared.

Fading memories is about memories that slowly fade away. I thought of my father when I wrote the lyrics, but it’s about all our memories that are slowly but surely disappearing from us. For the vast majority of us, life is wonderfully long, but Time is a cunning companion. It walks ahead of us, and disappears behind us, impossible to control. 

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